Looking out through the window, I asked sleepy Chidimma; “Mma do you think I can go now?”

I had work retreat by 8am, I have never been late and wouldn’t want to set a record. Not now Not EVER. Her house is barely an hour aware from my workplace but Lagos’ hustle and bustle especially on a Monday morning care less.

By 6:30am, I took off. By 7:15am I was half way already. However, I needed to board another bus. Crossing to the other side, I met a co alumni of my university… Maybe somewhere in the universe our greeting will be accepted. We were greeting and moving at the opposite of a leisure pace. He was running to work and I, just by his side had to run up, may be some other time. Who knows?
Getting to the bus stop, the bus I was meant to enter was E M P T Y!!! Nooooo! I can’t wait. The next thing was to get a keke (Tricycle), stop at the bus stop ahead and get another bus. Then, I heard my destination, it was a cab and almost full just “one chance”. A man behind me said, “no be where you dey go, enter.” I entered.

Maybe I will finish this some other time… LOL
I better continue!

I entered and greeted. The man beside me replied excitedly. “That’s suspicious” I thought. Checking out the other passengers, there were two other ladies and then the driver. I smiled, linking the situation with that of the man I met before entering. I knew I needed to move out but I had to be smart about it.

The driver said; “you dey pay 100 naira and madam for front your own na 150”. The woman, replied; “Noooo!” The driver stopped the car, opened the boot. Came into the car and started; “Madam, wetin you carry, na so I carry one woman, I no sabi say na cocaine she carry, if I no check now… I no go sabi wetin you carry.. no be money full that carton.” On looking out, we were just in front of a filling station, calmly I opened the car, then he was forced to stop, I came out and even before banging the door he zoomed off!


So, in case you haven’t experienced or heard about these people. They are fraudsters. If I had continued staying they would have started discussing on how to share the money. Welcoming you to the conversation and the next thing you know, you will find yourself somewhere else walletless, moneyless.. or maybe you have given them your atm card and pin.


Because of people like this, someone stranded on lonely route is afraid of asking for help and the kind hearted driver, who may care to help is afraid of stretching forth a helping hand… Who knows, it may be a trap?

Once, I offered to help a woman who had a huge back pack and with two girls. I was in a bus and she was boarding the same bus. She got just a seat. I imagined how the children will cope, I offered to carry one of her girls. I wasn’t comfortable offering because I don’t want to look like an evil auntie who has come to snatch glory but I had to. She accepted. On carrying the child the woman behind me who never knew my root said; “Ndi mmadu anaghi amuta ihe” which interprets to “people never learn”.

I didn’t blame her, we have heard a lot of things happening, things enough to keep us away from other humans if possible.

On narrating my experience to my good friend Joy, she said; “Vicky, I don’t know. We just have to hope on God, follow our instinct and listen to our inner witness.”

It may also interest you to know that my actions with the fraudsters was ignited by someone’s experience. Of which, the story was just the same as mine.

This is no news but it keeps reoccurring.
Be responsible for your safety!!!

Photo credit: @weareyean

Written by Umahi Uju Vicky
Talking about myself welcomes me into the world of confusion, I mean, how else can I say that I am a passionate volunteer, a flexible teacher, a life loving blogger and Umahi Obianujunwa Victoria!