It was Monday and sunny, the ambiance of Obiagu Street was calm. Then, I concluded; “the day will be great and interesting.” Only if I knew I was about to hit one of the worst experiences of my life. Like a thunder flash, Pow! I heard a gunshot. Engrossed with fear, I took off with an acceleration that could be compared to that of Usain Bolt. The vicinity was scattered. Unfortunately, the sloppiness of the road made everything worse. Running was the main thing, brothers leaving behind brothers, stampede taking over the morning. It’s so sad that there was no harmony in such a movement, where stampede is the order of the day.

Then, getting to a safe place with confusion written all over my face, I decided to ask people around what’s going on, and I got the information. There was a gang fight! On hearing the full story, I was so dumbfounded coupled with the shock received from the run for survival, the race of LIFE.

Due to the effect of staying in a society with people who feel compelled only to what they believe and practice, THE RATE OF DECADENCE GETS HIGH. No one cares about anything. As far as it doesn’t bring more funds, legal or not, everyone virtually cares about making it no matter how it comes.

Then, it ended!

The street changed back to its default settings and everything was “normal” again.  Well, so we thought. The struggle was yet to be completed. On heading home, the same set of gang resumed their random chase. The intensity was too high to be neglected, having in mind with clear pictures what it means to be caught up in the random pursuit; I doubled my running skills so as to get home safely.

The experience was an unfriendly classroom but it made me realize the upshot of residing in an area that says it all.
The injuries inflicted on innocent people.
The stampede that nearly cost people’s lives.
Mothers running for safety hand in hand with their struggling children.

So sad!

It is hard to imagine but that kind of scenario happens frequently in some communities. Envisage people’s day to day activities. The re-occurrence has made it normal to most. The leftover from the other side is seen through the gaze of some unfortunate populations left out of the world’s economy.

Going into the streets of so many unstable localities, drops of insatiable liquids streaming down the cheeks of disappointed faces. The condition looking very rugged, and also zipped up in an unimaginable way of living.

How do we survive???
Do you know the feeling of being in a position where ‘SURVIVE’ is your only hope of seeing the next sunrise?

That moment when you realize that the survival instinct instilled in you as a human, acts as instructed by the nervous department of your body.

Once there’s improper maintenance of the social amenities in any locality, there is high availability of violence. We don’t just strive for a better living; we strive for a better coordination of the vicinity we reside in.

The best way to improve our society is by changing the mind-set of the community and also the concept of our vicinity in a way that it adds values to life and nature. We make our lives exist in harmony when there is understanding and peace among ourselves.



Your personal reflection is the lesson of today.

PHOTO CREDIT:@stevenphotographyng

Written by Umahi Ferdinand
Umahi Uchenna Ferdinand (Ichie n’Ozor 1 of ndi be Umahi), a student of Computer Engineering, lover of music and football. Also a sailor in the world of writing; where I share my thoughts.