Bugging my mother with questions has been one of my numerous manières of expressing my love to her. She deals with questions like; “Mummy, when you first saw daddy, did your heart go like kpukutum kpukutum?” “Mummy, where did you first meet daddy?” Most times, I rephrase the last question and pose it again, waiting to hear “We met at mummy Chuuchuu’s place.”  That sentence tickles me in 3D. The best part is seeing my mother blush.

Love Story! It evolves just like time.

Snap out of the flashback! It is new school time!

It’s 2017, the year of sliding into DMs to connect with the one (InstaFindLove, FaceLove etc.). However, it is impossible to say how totally true it is. I mean, there are 1000 ways to die meet the one.

Calm down! I am not a love guru so don’t expect tips from me but as usual, I have a story, a love story with life lessons.

“Funny but true story. We didn’t meet like any other regular couple. I remember losing my former line, then, going to MTN office for a welcome back everyday for three months wasn’t beans. I didn’t get back my line because I couldn’t remember the name I used in registering the sim. Well, I got a new one and the first call I received was you!!! Wrong number, I kept telling you it’s a wrong number but you kept calling back… From let me see who I have been talking to… To look at us now!!!”

“What seems to us as bitter trails are often blessings in disguise.” – Oscar Wilde 

Chidiogo lost her sim to gain the love of her life, Chris!


Ponder on that first lesson and get ready for the next.

Ready, Go!

A day before Chris called, he never knew the next day will be an unforgettable day in his life time. Unforgettable? Yes! It was the first time he heard the voice of his wife. The unexpected love! This is proof that love exists even in the ‘Any’, Anytime, Anywhere and of course, Anyone.

However, it is not strange to find love in strange places, what is strange is our inability most times to identify whether it is true or not, whether it has come to stay or to break us down despite our intelligence. Nevertheless, Chris and Chidiogo saw meeting in a strange place as a blank cheque, then, filled in friendship, love, companionship and finally cashed a “forever with you”… Marriage!

Chris knew what he needed, he found it in a belle who was at that time a stranger, he went for her and he never gave up.

I hope you are not expecting me to say; ‘be like Chris’. Mba! but I would rather say…

It takes self discovery to identify your needs and it takes dedication and the “never give up” attitude to satisfy your needs. Chris’ “never give up” attitude got him his priceless jewel.

So, are you passionate about something, anything and you are working on it but it is yet to work out, all you can do now is give up? Think again!!

Don’t think I am diverting, it’s just that I believe an experience from any aspect of life can be a lesson for the other aspect of life.

On a final note, congratulation Chidiogo and Chris!!!




Written by Umahi Uju Vicky
Talking about myself welcomes me into the world of confusion, I mean, how else can I say that I am a passionate volunteer, a flexible teacher, a life loving blogger and Umahi Obianujunwa Victoria!