Countless times we have felt weak, hindered, tied down and incapacitated, not because we cannot do a certain thing but because we simply choose to see things as difficult and challenging, as mountains that are insurmountable, adversaries that cannot be conquered, wars that cannot be won. For how long are we going to be held down by our insecurities, blinded by our limiting paradigms, knocked out by our myopic view of life?

We need to be conscious of the fact that we choose to be whatever we want to be. We begin to make excuses for our failures, unfulfilled dreams and ambitions, blaming it on people when the problem all lies in our frail little minds. Statements like “I can’t do it”, “I’m not smart enough or creative enough” fall out of our mouths and saying it becomes as natural as the air we inhale and exhale.

It all begins with you!
Whatever ideology you may have formulated as a reason why you cannot become a great achiever or leave your name in the hall of fame will continue to eat you up till your desire for greatness fades away. I am no Terrence Howard or Anne Hathaway but I know that acting like we were not destined to become who really want to be because of the fears we have and the hindrances we have created is not the hardest thing to do.

Under-achievement owes its glory to a lot of things, one of which is self doubt. Sometimes, we look at ourselves in the mirror and expect to see a flawless being, an individual who has all he would ever need to be a giant in his world. We seek success, excellence without no sense that the most alluring way to get them is  evanescent.

Gazing at the stars and wondering how we would get there isn’t the problem but thinking that the journey to the top is impossible, viewing it as a dream, merely a dream that cannot become a reality. Setting our eyes straight ahead, we should be cognizant of the efforts we would make, how long it will take to get to the paradise our riches and fortunes awake. So are we really limited? Is there anything standing in our way or are we the ones blocking the sun rays that will manifest into victory that day?

Are there any boundaries that you have built up for yourself or walls that you demarcated between your dreams and the fulfillment of these dreams? We are not limited by our limitations but by giving room to self doubt and self depreciation of your true worth, values and potentials are. Adjust your binoculars, not to view the obstacles that are on the way to your dream land but to see the glory that awaits after you victory.

Eliminate self doubt, do not entertain any form of self criticism but rather psyche yourself up and get ready to take on the limitations you may face and not the ones you have chosen to embrace. Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams!

Khalil Gibran once said; “We are not limited by our abilities, but by our vision”.

Written by Des'ree Isibor
I am one happy teen cruising the world of writing... An exciting world where i journey for the purpose of discovery!!!