Most people expect to have that perfect moment when they could gaze into nature, green leaves and the beautiful dawn of a morning and one being serenaded by nice scenting flowers to have a mindset that the day is bright, perfect and amazing because of the lovely sight in front of them.

If life were a bed of roses, wouldn’t we come across thorns? The meaning we attach to life depends on how we see it because it is what we can gain, explain and ascertain ; it feeds our minds about how we view it and all that accompanies it. I recall someone telling me “One cannot climb a tree if its body is too smooth“, which implies the body has to be rough and tough . For if it was so easy to climb a tree, would there be any sense of fulfillment and achievement when you get to the top? There will be little or  no sense of pride because the journey was not tasking and challenging. This analogy is practical and applicable to our lives, life was created originally to throw at us challenges, things that would derail our hope, belief and even take away the most precious things we own. It is all these obstacles, hurdles and challenges that make life so beautiful and not merely the natural sceneries that surround us.

And when you get to the top, you will remember all the struggles, battles and how it was determination, perseverance and commitment that enabled you attain all the gains even through all the pains and made you remain when all your efforts seemed in vain. The beauty of life lies in facing challenges and taking the bull by the horn, knowing these problems shape you into a stronger and better version of yourself. Never forget that life is not a bed of roses , for even roses have thorns and everything has a gain and pain, an advantage or disadvantage but that is the true beauty of life. We all have the power to create what we want out of life in our unique way.

Make it a habit to learn from any difficulty you come in contact because without them life will be extremely boring. There are a lot of tales and anecdotes in our world, even in our families, which came about from a close death experience or catastrophic event and these tales have one way or another taught us different lessons; to be brave or mindful or appreciative. Just think about a world where everything is perfect and there are no problems, life would lack its flavor of adventure and thrill.

Never let this slip out of your head: the battles, debacles we have to handle are not detrimental to us but rather an avenue to build us into great people in our time.  Life is not a smooth ride but even when the road is bumpy, buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride!


Written by Des'ree Isibor
I am one happy teen cruising the world of writing... An exciting world where i journey for the purpose of discovery!!!