Today was once my Hero but after today, it is no longer…

Hi 30,
Some but mighty Steps below you, I look at you up there… I smile!

Last year, I learnt to walk towards and most likely pass you, one step at a time. The track hasn’t cleared yet, the hurdles are much more. Sometimes, too easy to jump over, other times takes longer time to conquer and few terrible times, more difficult than difficult. Within my track, I run in circle, learning to be flexible to conquer the hurdles. Some challenges, some struggles. Some I accumulate myself, others not me but in bundles. Stand, fall, rise again, squat or kneel, however but ready to catch whatever life throws, then, slap and remould it for good use.

Racing with knowledge that there’s no finish line. The race of myself against myself. Today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today and at intervals stop to grasp fresh air, feel the life in nature, chill with all ages, slide in the mall, secure a lone time, take makeup time-off and embrace my perfectly imperfect natural face, dance out my heart, jump like a 5 years old, sing with awful voice, scream in an empty room and enjoy listening to the echoes of my customised voice, think and sound like an adult, love and feel love… Very tedious but exhales great amount of soothing relief. And repeat as many times as possible, for I have one life. One life that part of the world believes You Only Live Once but No! I EXIST IN IT ONCE, BUT I LIVE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!

Hi 30, you are my closest hero, as I have others ahead of you. And you see these present hurdles, they take me on unplanned journeys. In an unopposed manner, they take the position of a teacher. These hurdles redirect my track; they surely delay but they can’t handle the movement. I fly, run, walk and crawl when need be and other times, I take a ride on other’s experience. Dear 30, I smile thinking of the names I would earn before I get to you; I started off with Umahi Obianujunwa and subsequently grew to Victoria, Mary… Akuudo then Aduke!I love the great surprises, you would bring.

Look! I have got wings too (family and friends), super cool, right? And look deeper, you will see who powers each flap, the one whom my existence NEVER makes him less or more of Himself… the only one who is God All By Himself!! The past years, I strived to discover more of me but everyday, I pray to be lost in Him. He sees beyond my weakness, pardons my ignorance and fights unknown battles for me. His blessings makes his awesomeness very visible… in little forms I have seen mighty things. Hi 30, making my way to you, thinking He has given me all, He blows my mind and gifts me better than the Best!

Hi 30,
I long to embrace you and all that comes with you. The road to you may seem slippery but I am ready to rise after each fall and if rising becomes difficult, I will crawl till I rise again! Each year closer to you, existing knowledge is redefined and the unknown known. In the littlest, my eyes have seen the mightiest; lesson in everything, right? For nothing is a waste in the world, if great; blessing and if not; lesson. Some other times “BLESSON” (blessing+lesson).

My closest hero,
I hope and pray to record greater things when I see you. For now, let me enjoy every great thing this hero has to offer… Thank God for He gifted more than I imagined in ways I least expected.

Happy Birthday ME

Written by Umahi Uju Vicky
Talking about myself welcomes me into the world of confusion, I mean, how else can I say that I am a passionate volunteer, a flexible teacher, a life loving blogger and Umahi Obianujunwa Victoria!