Warm, soft, unassuming but in you lie the weapon of surrender.
In your embrace mighty men crumble, kings rendered powerless
Queens beckon for your touch, in it is the beauty of womanhood: beauty and strength you resonate.

In the lurking terror of the dark , you shield the mind from worry and fear
In the blackness and loneliness of the night, you soothe the heart in comfort.
Oh! What a lovely sight you are to behold; the great lover of all.

Your care defies gender
You love both men and women alike………gentle is your touch
soft is your kiss
warm is your embrace
No wonder your name is laced on every lip seeking rest from life’s innumerable and inevitable troubles.
Oh dear! What tragedy it would’ve been without you.

Mind’s worthy companion: the world would’ve been robbed of great innovations; earth would’ve bled in ignorance; for dreams and visions you birth.
Nothingness befalls those who pay no heed to your uncompelling order; those who hide their badge of slothfulness beneath your cover are left with no food on their tables.

No matter the bruises and the brokenness of each day, mortals look to you for comfort and you are always right at it yielding to every demand: with you, it’s a journey to newness.

As the sun sets today, my heart leaps in joy, my body aches for your soothing touch.
Oh darling sleep! Like Charlie in the chocolate factory, take me to the Wonka land of sweet wonders, for my tomorrow looks to you for renewed hope of magical experiences.

Written by Ijeoma Obi
I am a passionate teacher who finds inexplicable joy in reading others' works. To express my inner thoughts, I write!