My hustle for peace couldn’t defeat the bustle of the city. As my feet hit the innocent earth, I exhaled only to inhale dust that triggered a sneeze. Sneeze that failed the test of sound, existing noise gulped it! Embracing tightly my bag with my right hand, I walked at leisure pace, too close to the edge of the pavement that was next to nothing.

There stood the yellow beauty though bumping, however, uniquely designed by the creator, I admired the hair, black and shiny, the keke was lit! I wasn’t the only contender, hence, I switched from majestical walk to survival of the fittest.

I sat with my eyes closed, exhaled again and this time, inhaled brew of FRAGDOUR (Fragrance + Odour)… it forced my eyes open, then, I realised, squeezed into this horizontal hole were men whom their sweat could confidently attest to the hardwork of the day, sweat that now combats the concentrated body sprays. That peace was taken! So, I created a room in my mind, fully aware that it travels faster than my feet, though it only takes me to imagination while the feet takes me to my destination. But if the mind will TAKE ME AWAY, so be it… for all I seek was peace, peace, peace…. I wanted to hear my heart speak, to listen to myself! Then, I laid my head on the well shaped body of the yellow beauty with shiny hair, the keke… let my mind slip away… and smiled but my eyes caught his eyes, they were brown but he was older and frowning… he had stopped for he was the driver but why stop and oh! That was my bus stop… no wonder the furrow of his brows, I was yet to pay, I was yet to step down! I stretched forth my right hand with the 50 naira note which had been enjoying the warmth of my palm for so long… I smiled hoping it will light up his face, he was displeased but relieved as he held the money for I may have bothered him with my sluggishness but the money required no change. He was a good one for the others would have been less concerned about my bus stop. That I know!

The cars weren’t going to wait but I was ready to wait and watch them run and maybe I will find peace in the sound of the swiftness of the cars. As I smiled to the sight of numerous James bonds, I heard him shout, by my side was the impatient and angry bikeman. I stepped out and ran across the cleared road, down to my destination. It was obvious, even my mind couldn’t TAKE ME AWAY to where peace ruled, not in reality, not in Lagos.

Now that I hold my pen and watch the ink flow on this journal, it is all quiet and peaceful… I am thinking maybe I could swap my day for the night… sleep in the day and work at night but how then, can I enjoy the view of lives? Deep within, I enjoy that craze, that bustle for it gives meaning and importance to PEACE.


Written by Umahi Uju Vicky
Talking about myself welcomes me into the world of confusion, I mean, how else can I say that I am a passionate volunteer, a flexible teacher, a life loving blogger and Umahi Obianujunwa Victoria!