…They have forgotten that when I am determined, I pave way for whatever I want.

I want Jerry and that will happen…

    My parents are great people. They stand unshaken and so confident. They can’t easily be manipulated… they have proven in the past to have no weakeness but I know them too well.

    All my life, I have been cautioned to do the right thing not because it is right or it is what the word of God says but because my parents are christians and they must not be shamed by me with acts of immorality. That was their weakeness!!!

So, I did it with Jerry and took in!!!

Mama, papa… I am pregnant.” I muttered. My mother who was stitching up my sister’s uniform… dropped it and looked at me releasing some sort of evil laughter. She asked; “I si gini?” I replied, this time boldly “I am three months preg…” I felt a sharp pain before I could complete my words. She had slapped me and I was still yet to recover or understand how that happened when she released the second one on my left chin. I couldn’t hold back the scream that pierced my heart… “mama eeehhh!!!” The tears were uncontrollable but I was ready for it. My blurry eyes were able to catch a glimpse of my father who was still in shock. Then, he jumped up and rushed towards me not to beat me but to hold back my mother who was firmly holding her cane… I moved to the other side, leaning to the wall as I wailed!!! My eyes met with those of my younger siblings who were watching behind the curtains… they felt pity for me but dared not to come out or stand for me. My mother who was bitter, cried painfully; “Papa Adanne, let me kill this child before she kills all of us!!” My father replied; “And what would people say? That you, on the front line of the congregation couldn’t teach your child good morals and then, you killed her.” My mother fell helplessly… and sobbed.

    I had planned out everything, I knew the beating would come but I never realised I would cause so much harm to my mother. This woman that worked so hard and gave me all beyond her capabilities!!! She was hurt and what we had which was unconditional was drifting away with each tear that dropped from her eyes.

My father continued; “It may be too soon to make a decision..” then he looked at me “Adanne, bring that young man tomorrow!” I was supposed to be joyful for I had gotten all I wanted but my home was filled with tears of heartbreak. I tried to smile as I typed a text to Jerry; “My parents want to see you tomorrow morning” but it wasn’t just natural.

It was morning… Jerry was infront of my house. I walked confidently to bring him in… I felt the eyes of my neighbours…

The walls not only have ears but eyes

The meeting was uncomfortable but fruitful. A date was set for Jerry to come with his people.

Three months later…
All had been done! It was rushed because of my growing belly. I was fully Jerry’s wife. It was awesome being married until what I had known started to fade…

Jerry had warned me never to associate with Auggy, I thought it was mere jealousy until one day… I had gone to the market, I was on my way home when I heard “Danne!” It could only be one person, Auggy! I screamed out his name joyfully, he took my bag from me and started off with his complaint; “But Danne, why would you carry such heavy bag… you need help.” I was so happy to see him that I cared less about his complaint… “What are you doing here? Hmm.. which girl brought you here?” I teased him. He laughed “Danne, can’t you see how I am dressed? I came for an inter street football competition.” “Ah ah! I trust you guys won, how many goals did you score?” I asked. “Trust me na.. but I just assisted for today. ” He bragged. Just as he opened the gate, we met Jerry. “Hello dear, how was your day?” I asked Jerry as I moved closer to hug him. He hugged me and ordered; “Enter the house!“. He tightened his muscular hand around Auggy’s wrist. Auggy dropped the heavy bag, stepped back and said; “I respect you because of Danne… leave me alone!” Jerry laughed “Next time I see you close to my wife, you will not be able to say a word for you will be lifeless.” I held Jerry’s arm and begged him to leave Auggy… He did! And he took the bag, led me into the house and banged the door.
I warned you to stay off that your miserable friend!” He shouted at me. I couldn’t watch him insult Auggy “The miserable friend that helped me out when my husband never thought I needed help?” He gripped my neck… Jerry gripped my neck and warned me never to speak back at him all my life. Then, he ordered for his food to be served!

    That night was tough… Was I at the right place with the wrong man?
    I couldn’t share it with anyone not even my parents. These days, they only nod to whatever I say, no suggestion, no advice!!! My mother was distant no matter how much I drew closer to her or showered her with gifts.

The next morning, I woke up next to a note and a 50,000 naira cheque.

    I am sorry babe. Jealousy took the very best of me yesterday. I love you so much never to hurt you. The cheque is for your parents, you can visit them today. And don’t worry about me, I took breakfast and I served yours too.


    P.s I owe you a foot massage.

True! Jerry was just jealous!

Or maybe it was beyond jealousy for on the exact day my pregnancy clocked 7 months, I had argued with him for continuously coming back late at night. I had to know what kept him outside that late and he replied with series of hits and slaps…

Watch the space for the next part!!!

Written by Umahi Uju Vicky
Talking about myself welcomes me into the world of confusion, I mean, how else can I say that I am a passionate volunteer, a flexible teacher, a life loving blogger and Umahi Obianujunwa Victoria!