Akùùdo m,

Talking about your dream sincerely supplies motion to your destiny but inaction reduces it to a mere daydream. Writing to you today, I remembered my days as a salesman in a publishing company. A school with an intimidating population is the dream of every salesman(in a publishing company), this births the imagination of cash sale which comes with so much joy but without carrying out an effective proportion; it is just another imagination.

ACTION, the prove of the reality of your true imagination! It is the right actions that power imagination to reality. Don’t lazy about and like I always say, Ada m, don’t give room to procrastination. By Imagining, you can see your future but with your feet you move towards it.

Juuju m, The room of imagination will end as a grave if you don’t move out from it. When you do nothing with what you see in your mind’s eye it becomes a daydream. A thousand mile journey is started with a step forward, so never give up; see something, say something and do something.

Chukwu gozie gi Ada m,





Written by Umahi Uju Vicky
Talking about myself welcomes me into the world of confusion, I mean, how else can I say that I am a passionate volunteer, a flexible teacher, a life loving blogger and Umahi Obianujunwa Victoria!