I was greatly astonished though for a negative reason after having a long chat with a friend. He had re-posted a statement that generally misrepresented women; the post posed women as lazy beings who had nothing to offer to the world. I vividly remember how much I was wrapped with rage; to describe it, I felt like a blazing hot hand-like iron squeezed my heart.

It is lamentable that even today, the achievements of our women are in most cases unrecognised or replaced with shallow flattering statements. My point is, history has recorded women who were change agents, women who attained success in various sectors both locally and internationally. Presently, women (famous or not) thrive in different sectors (work force), play important roles even in their families and their works are evident; yet, women still strive for their efforts and good works to be recognised without stereotype. This is not a competition, yes! it is not some contest… this is about each human having equal opportunity to exhale their talents for the benefit of the world, it is about evicting invisibility of pure talent for gender sake and celebrating each other’s achievement.

To commemorate International Women’s Day 2020, (with joy like that of a child with a new toy) I celebrate the achievements of some of the young women I know, great minds excelling in different sectors and at their own pace making positive change. I admire their courage and unique qualities.

May we be inspired!


Loveth J. Ejeh (M.D.hons) is a medical Doctor, a feminist and an activist. She is passionate about women’s health (mental, physical, social etc.) and is pursuing a career in Global health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She has grown in her passion and has consequently volunteered with several organisations all over the world benefiting both women and the world at large. She is currently an activist with Plan international Nigeria and is championing the Girls Get Equal campaign. She is the pioneer medical volunteer for an organisation’s sensitisation program for prenatal and postnatal care of women in IDP camps (SDG 3 goal). She was also an active member for the student for health movement in St. Kitts and Nevis, where she administered basic medical checkup to people on the street. She is currently the communication director at SheNationHQ.


Oluwadamilola Akande is a development-driver as she is passionate about local, national and global development. Having committed over 7 years of her work into volunteering for local and global Non governmental Organisations, designing projects and advocating against inequalities towards women and children at the local level. She is committed to youth “re-orientation” targeted at encouraging young ones to innovate and partner with Sustainable Development Goals in diverse ways.
She is the brain behind a recent young people’s network connecting development visions of diverse young people.


Okoye Sandra is a Pharmacist , a serial entrepreneur and a kind soul. She is passionate about the girl child having an enabling environment for proper growth and development. She is currently doing her masters in pharmacology and seeks a society with zero girl child abuse. She is multi skilled and Her hobby is learning and trying out new things. Sandra is an evidence that a jack of all trades can be a master of all.


Olanma Pearl Awa-Agwu is a graduate of Foreign Languages and Literary Studies. She is a great lover of languages who speaks and writes French and English fluently and is conversant with Russian and Spanish language as well.
Asides her deep love for languages and humanities, Pearl has a passion for music as she was inspired by her family in her tender age. In 2014, Pearl took her first major step in her musical journey by participating in the Airtel Trace Music Star Competition where she was crowned 2nd runner up in February 2015.

Her next step saw her at MTN Project Fame West Africa competition where she was crowned First runner up. Pearl was opportuned to work with some major names in the entertainment industry such as Mrs. Joke Silva, Mr. Ben Ogbeiwi, Mrs. Ige Dupe Kachi, Mrs. Lovette Otegbola, Mr. Sanni, Yemi Alade, Chidinma Ekile, Olisa Adibua, Kelechi Amadi- Obi, Delby.

Pearl is currently pursuing her music career with hopes of combining it with her course of study. Pearl enjoys her family’s full support in her chosen field and together with her twin, Uzoma Ruby Awa- Agwu, she has been able to make a massive impact on the entertainment industry. GEMSTONES, as the twins are called, are musicians, actresses, content creators and voice over artists.


Precious Ihaza is a Professional Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner who has practical knowledge in Forensics, Auditing and Accounting, Fraud Detection and investigation. She has served and given value in the financial services industry, as well as telecommunications.

Precious also enjoys volunteering and has partnered with so many agencies in a bid to give back to the public especially the less privileged.

Precious is married to an adorable man, Obaseki, loves to see new places and wants to travel the world.


Joy began her journey in 2014 when she went for her youth service in Ilorin; Serving with Children Evangelism Ministry. Her in-depth interactions with the the teens there brought to her remembrance the struggles, hurt and pain she experienced as a teen coming from an unstable home, which affected her identity. Through the love of God she’d received, She then decided to help teens navigate through their turbulent years effectively. She believes firmly in building strong teenagers rather than repairing broken adults.

She is the Vice-President of Young Ecclesia Nation; a teenage ministry centered on bringing the love of God to young people in the most simple form. She is also a life coach for teenagers, helping them navigate through limiting beliefs, and foster friendlier relationships with their parents.


Taiwo Olanrewaju (M.Sc) is a human physiologist, social worker, social entrepreneur, health researcher, research consultant, child advocate, teen coach and an administrator in a Non-Governmental Organisation. She is intentional and passionate about imparting young lives. She so much believes in making impact either by teaching or living as a model to others. She is a lover of children who advocates for a free world for every child to express their God given potentials.


Ndu-Okechukwu Chidinma started in 2016 as a cabin crew, flew commercially till 2019. She has worked as a Crew Control Officer, Administrator for cabin crew. Presently, she is a Licensing and Administrative officer. Her greatest belief; there’s room for more and one’s life is beyond the sky.
Hence, more women should be in the aviation industry.


Ogbu Uchechukwu Joy is the Supervisor Customer information Centre of LG Electronics West Africa and a bilingual who is highly skilled. She is a result–oriented professional with strong academic foundation holding a degree in Foreign Languages and literary Studies and a certified Customer Relationship Manager with proven ability in data analysis. She was awarded both Employee of the month and Employee of the year in 2019. She succeeds in intense and demanding environments with high record of providing decisive team leadership and structure.


Ngwu Onyinye Yobanna is a Nigerian Fashion Designer and the creative behind the brand zybannaofficial. The Third child in a family of Six. A Mother and Wife.
As a child, she created intricate paper dresses for her siblings and graduated to sketching beautiful designs for classmates and friends. With so many persuasions from her friends who said she was born for the fashion industry, she began her fashion career working as an apprentice while in her final year in the University.

She loved every bit of working with her hands, especially the art of Manipulating Fabrics. She has a keen eyes for details and finishing. She believes that a product is useless if it doesn’t satisfy the need and purpose of its creation and every dress created should give not just happiness but Confidence.


Precious Tochi is a multi linguist and language activist. Her enthusiasm for languages led her into establishing Smarter Language Hub, Abuja; a language school which helps to bridge the language gap. She’s also the Founding member of Igbo Wikimedians User Group; a Wikimedia Project used to digitize content in Igbo Language.
She’s an Alumnus of Cherie Blair Foundation Women Mentorship program, Mentor in Zimba Women Mentorship Program, Ambassador of The Next Economy Nigeria, Ambassador and Mentor of The Next Economy Abuja.


Ezinne Maduka is a medical graduate of Washington University of Health and Sciences Belize. She is currently working with Autism Initiative with the vision of eradicating the stigma with people living with autism. Ezinne is passionate about helping others; especially children, this led to her contribution towards sponsoring their education. She is in partnership with a charity organisation providing sanitary pads to girls in the rural areas of Nigeria and has plans of setting up a shelter facility for the total care of orphans and vulnerable children in her home town.


She is a classroom teacher who is an advocate of education beyond walls reason she likes to be referred to as an educator. For with or without the classroom, She will still be teaching something somewhere.

She is a music lover, singer, graduate of English Education and currently a postgraduate student in pursuit of a master degree in Educational Administration and Planning. During her National Youth Service year, she was a Peer Educator Trainer (PET); she trained secondary school teenagers on HIV/AIDS, other life skills and mentored them on making good life choices and helping their peers do same. In 2018, she facilitated for Ready Set Work; an educational training organised by Lagos State Government for Final Year university undergraduates to prepare and equip them with the necessary soft skills required for the world of work. She was graced to lead the youth arm of her church for 3 years.

Ijeoma is the author of the book Picture Perfect; a book on human vulnerability and the empowering capability of grace. The motivational/spiritual book captures her walk with God and ways she has learnt from the Holy Spirit to deal with her weaknesses and insecurities. She is passionate about inspiring others through her works.


Ihekweme Amblessed is a Forester, Wildlifer and Environmentalist who is passionate about creating safe space for children through educating children on the need to have a greener environment by planting trees and negative effect of plastic pollution in our environment. She is also a passionate volunteer who has selflessly worked with several organisations concerning the welfare of children to ensure the Rights of Children are well protected through advocacy and Child Protection.

She is the director of Reaching Out For Love; A non profit organisation centered in creating safe spaces for children through education, entrepreneurship, advocacy. The organisation has reached quite a large number of children across Nigeria.


Kamdi is a self taught digital acrylic and charcoal artist, active since 2017. Her creation Kamdi’s Art is a blend of emotions from her everyday experiences, a mash up of humanity and technology in its minimalistic element. She participated in “I am art” Exhibition (2017) and was featured in the article “Photocraft alpha” 0.1 edition(2019). Kamdi is a graduate of Financial Management Technology.


Uchechi Chidi-Amadi (thelifestylegal) is a civil engineer and lifestyle blogger. She is a results-driven professional passionate about challenging and brainstorming activities with experience in construction, structural designs, social media management and digital platforms to elevate brands and drive aggressive revenue targets. She developed ship modification structural drawings using Auto Ship and the Auto CAD software.

Uchechi is talented in leveraging all forms of media relations and supervision of tasks. She has over 5 years experience in writing and content creation for her lifestyle blog (www.thelifestylegal.com), which focuses on restaurant reviews, travel and general lifestyle. She works well under pressure, able to manage simultaneous shifting demands and tight deadlines, efficiently handle requests, adapts to new environments and follows through to achieve set goals.


Chidimma Juliet Ezekwe is a highly focused software engineer that excels in every stage of the software development life cycle, with over 3 years of experience in software development. She is currently a Scrum master and a software engineer at Datopian(Viderum) and previously a software engineer at Andela where she worked with and managed different teams sizes, ranging from 6 to 22 engineers. She has worked as personal contributor and team leads in the course of her career; contributing to open source and several production real world solutions. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering.


Folasade Samuel is a graduate of European Language and the CEO of Just Sade kitchen. As a child with a very big and juicy dream, she discovered herself exploring with a drive to constantly strive for more in making African dishes have the nostalgic feeling. Folasade has transformed the shape of cuisine and cooking altogether through a glitzing career of over 10 years. Through out her career, she has served passionately cooking for UBA event, family event and First Star Restaurant. She has received numerous recommendations from family and friends.

Currently, she runs a mobile kitchen cooking for companies. She speaks Russky, English and Yoruba fluently.


Ayobamidele Jikiemi is currently Supply Chain Strategic Planning Analyst in the Food and Beverage Industry.
She started her career as a Drilling Engineer, obtained a masters degree in Petroleum Engineering before starting a career as a brewer in the Food and Beverage Industry.

She has held many leadership roles from being the Vice-president of the Society of petroleum Engineers Herriot-Watt Dubai Student Chapter to being an Alumni of the Lagos Business School Young Talent Program.

She is also a finance enthusiast and founder of the Wealthmap investment club.
She believes that “The goal is to die with memories and not dreams”. As the quote is at the core of all her decision making. Also, she is of the view that “we owe it to ourselves and God to manifest our varied talents and interest”.
Ayobamidele encourages women to stand strong for “From steel toes to stilettos, we can make magic happen”.


Obiageli Okoli is a passionate and experienced fashion designer. She is highly creative and innovative with excellent artistic visionary bringing designs to life and dedicated to making clients feel and be truly beautiful in every garment.
Her center of interest in Fashion is to make every outfit be a voice for positivity.


Juliet Ugwoeje is a classically educated ballet instructor who trained under Inemesit Etuk and Dirk Badenhorst.
She is passionate about bringing the beauty and art of dance to life. She has exceptional ability to work with children and get them hooked on dance. Juliet has mastery of moves such as; pirouettes and grand jetes.

Inspiring all generations and improving their physical and mental being through dance is paramount to her.


Benita Bechi Eze Obinwa, is a wife, mother, Dental Therapist, an accomplished baker as well as a bridal outfits vendor with over six years professional experience as a baker and bridal outfits vendor. Her work and services have been commended on multiple occasions by her customers and renowned social media pages/influencers such as; bellanaijaweddings, Nigerianweddings, igboweddingng and Traditionalweddingng for her quality and superb customer service as well as excellent delivery.

She is skilfully up-to-date on trending styles relating to her field of expertise and also seeks to enhance her customer satisfaction.


Ogonna A. Ezepue is an International Assurance Specialist with specific focus in the financial services industry.

She enjoys learning and tutoring and believe in making things as simple as they can be. She also believes in the power of small repeated efforts and its ability to create enormous transformations.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, fashion, finding good buys and writing personal development articles.


Victoria is a graduate of Foreign Languages and Literature, postgraduate student of Social Work, flexible teacher, social worker, wordsmith, passionate volunteer, Child Protection advocate, mentee, mentor and an advocate of Health and Safety. She’s an Arts Therapy enthusiast (Creative Art, Dance Body Movement, Music); this motivated her to use social platforms like Kid’s Club and French club to explore the world of creativity with children. Victoria loves humanity and all within it; hence, She supports people of all generations psycho-socially. She has collaborated with organisations supporting the development of women and children as a Research Development Officer, In-House Volunteer, team leader Counselling Unit and blog content creator respectively.

Victoria is a multi-linguist with good knowledge of communication in Igbo, English, French and German. An aspect which she believes that it has increased her adaptation and collaboration skills; thus, giving her opportunities to help without boundaries. She finds it easy to motivate people; especially young people whom she mentors on self discovery, self love and self esteem. She finds fulfilment in writing, a part that inspired her blog Kuudos Medley: a platform to share her ode to life and she also hopes to publish a book in the nearest future.

She believes that “Challenges births opportunity for the emergence of solution, creativity and innovation”.


At this point, I crave for the positive outcome of this wealth of inspiration.


Here is to strong women
Women who understand the impact of the power in the pack
Women who push for positive change in all sectors
Women who channel the power of collaboration and partnership for greatness
Women who adjust each other’s crown and shun the misinformation that they are each other’s enemies
Women who are unique individuals but a part of a whole
Women who advocate for all in all sectors
Women who leverage on opportunities and bring about development
Women who are tenacious and stand confidently as role models to the younger generation
Women who discriminatory challenges would never hinder

May we know them!
May we be them!
May we raise them!


Written by Umahi Uju Vicky
Talking about myself welcomes me into the world of confusion, I mean, how else can I say that I am a passionate volunteer, a flexible teacher, a life loving blogger and Umahi Obianujunwa Victoria!